Discover valuable insights hiding inside Xcode’s build logs

XCMetrics collects, stores, parses, and tracks data from Xcode’s build logs

Track your team’s build metrics

Are your team’s build times improving or regressing? Which version of Xcode is slowest? Which hardware setup is fastest? XCMetrics makes it easy to find out all this and more by collecting, displaying, and tracking the data inside your team’s Xcode build logs.

Made for (and by) iOS engineers

XCMetrics works with teams of all sizes. Made for iOS engineers by iOS engineers, the tool is written completely in Swift, making it easy to customize. Track the data you want to see, the way you want to see it — and use the insights to improve developer experience and productivity.

XCMetrics automatically collects xcodebuild logs whenever anyone runs a build

All your build data, all in one place

Whenever you run a local or continuous integration build, Xcode and xcodebuild produce a log file. XCMetrics automatically collects these build logs from everyone on your team.

XCMetrics parses xactivitylog data so you can track metrics and see insights for your whole team

Sort, search, track, discover

The data is then extracted from the xcactivitylog files and stored in easy-to-manipulate tables — allowing you to view build times, warnings, errors, and any other metadata, any way you want.

XCMetrics data stays with you: on your machine and on the backend service you host

Your data stays with you

All data is safely stored on your machine and is only sent to a backend service that you host. You fully own the information, every step of the way.

XCMetrics is written in Swift for easy customization

Your data, any way you want it

Customize XCMetrics with the metrics that are important to you. All the tools are written in Swift to make it easier for iOS engineers to customize, extend, and contribute to the project.

Watch the demo video

See how XCMetrics works and how to set it up.

Backstage integration

The XCMetrics Backstage plugin offers a powerful web interface enabling you to get a visual overview and to dig deep into most of the collected metrics.

See everything at a glance
Analyze trends
Dig into the details